Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod

This mod adds more objects and more features to the popular industrial mod buildcraft. This mod adds additional pipes and additional items for BuildCraft. The mod developer is looking for ideas from people in the community for more items and more features to add to the mod. This mod makes BuildCraft even more complex and complicated. But it improves what else you can do with this mod.

Additional BuildCraft Objects Mod

I have never used the BuildCraft mod as it seems to complex and I would prefer to do certain tasks myself rather than having a machine do them for me. But I have many friends who love this mod and love the fact that more features are being added to buildcraft by other modders. If the developers of BuildCraft like some of these features I think they should be added to the game.

How to Install Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Before anything, backup whatever you have in case things go wrong!
  2. Go to your .minecraft folder
  3. Find your Mod forlder
  4. Place the downloaded Additional Buildcraft Objects Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5 in there
  5. Delete META-INF of course.
  6. Like most other simple mods, this should do!
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