Adventure Kit Mod for Minecraft

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Adventure Kit Mod

Have you ever played minecraft but felt as if you haven’t experienced it the way you may have wanted to? Something may have just seemed like it was missing. Something needed to fill in that empty space. With the Adventure Kit mod you will be on the edge of your seat, it brings so much excitement to your game that will make you never want to leave.

Adventure Kit Mod Adventure Kit Mod Adventure Kit Mod Adventure Kit Mod Adventure Kit Mod

Scrap of Fabric/Scrap of Netting



Cheap Spyglass/Fancy Spyglass

Armor and Clothing

Headlamp/Climbing Rope

Grappling Hook

This mod introduces several new features, materials and items into your game. Such as a variety of different light sources, including portable torches and lights. It allows the access of an instant shelter to defend you from those dangerous mobs that prowl the night. The mod introduces a new, unique, feature which is the spyglass/telescope. It allows you to see far distances to aid you in your search for villages, or land marks. Its totaly up to you, and you alone.

Some of Adventure Kit Mod for Minecraft Main Features

  • HeadLamps (Equipped on your helmet slot, lights up around you)
  • Spyglass/telescope (grants the gift of far sight)
  • instant tent (multicolored, acts as a great source of shelter)
  • Laterns (carried in your inventory, activated once held in hand.) Lights up your night.

How to install Adventure Kit Mod for Minecraft 

  1. You need to install Minecraft Forge API for this mod
  2. Download the zip file
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin
  4. Open minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip
  5. Drag the contents of the downloaded zip file into your minecraft.jar
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