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AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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AtmosMobs Mod

Often minecraft can be judged by the way it looks. However the majority ignore the small percentage who base the game on its looks rather than its feeling or mood. Those of which who enjoy minecraft, accepting all of its features; whether it be its looks, its feel, or simply the smaller aspects of the game itself, those players will always feel as if there is something missing in the game. This is the main reason mojang have tried to constantly develop new features, implementing them into the game to allow players to try something new, or explore the new features. Even so, not all these updates are adequate to keep all the players entertained enough. Players will often begin to identify the smaller problems that they have with the game; until they all build up into a big pile.

Mod developers try to create and implement much more enjoyable “update” like, content into the game, unofficially to allow the users of minecraft, and the mod, to enjoy minecraft to its maximum, and just that little bit more too. Modder’s, or mod developers base their mods around unique ideas, usually, to create, or implement a feature that may, or may never have been implemented into minecraft.

The AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7; implements a feature in which all players/minecraft users have been waiting to be improved for a very long period of time. Mojang introduce monsters and passive mobs an add-on to not only an environmental, scenic reason but also to improve or enhance survival aspects when in game, inside your world. Animals. Only a very small variety of animals have in fact been implemented into the game. The most recent of them all, are the Bats, wither skeletons and the mighty wither boss. However! Apart from the bat, none of the mobs are realistic, unique “animals”. When exploring worlds in other survival games, often you may walk through a world; and pass a very wide variety of animals, some of which can be dangerous. Often the animals are completely normal, and can be found in their own habitat.

AtmosMobs Mod

AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7 Features

While this mod implements the long lost feature of animals. It also works to introduce new contact systems and also new items to go along with the rest of the mod. Introducing these animals will make your minecraft world more realistic, and much more entertainer to survive inside of. Roaming your world will no longer be a long, and non-exciting task to bare. Almost everywhere you go, you may encounter animals such as Deer, goats or even Beehives and Bee’s.

The new animals that are implemented, with this mod; will in turn, fill your world with amazing new aspects. Making your world, and life not only much more life filled; but also much more busy than ever before. Mobs can swarm or even become hostile towards the player depending on their species. This allows the player to think, instead of ignoring the new animals; almost making the mod itself very impressive.

The Atmosmob mod for minecraft, introduces 42 different mobs/animals that will spawn in your world such as; Birds, Fish, rodents and insects. To go along with this, individual, spectacular feature that the mod originally has, the modder has also implemented over 50 new, unique crafting and mob dropped items for the player to hunt, or create. These items may or may not be the key to your survival and also the start of a new life. These animals, are in fact not silent. New sounds have been added to these mobs, allowing them to cry out, or call out rather. Making your world less quiet and much more realistic. However, to reduce an intense amount of sound, only some of the animals so far; have sounds implemented to them.

How to Install AtmosMobs Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Instal your Minecraft Forge, and (optionally) Mob Spawn Control by putting it to your minecraft.jar (delete META-INF)
  2. Locate your roaming folder by typing “%appdata%” on run
  3. Go to the “.minecraft” folder
  4. Copy the contents from the “put_in_resources” folder including the zip file to the resources folder in .minecraft
  5. Go back to your “.minecraft” and find your “mods” folder
  6. Copy and paste the zip inside the “put_in_mods” folder
  7. ENJOY!
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