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Most of you have probably downloaded tens (if not hundreds) of mods before. Yeah, been there done that – minecraft.jar, RAW files, AppData folder, and whatnot. And there are some of you who are new to Minecraft and don’t know the installation process very well.  If only there were an mod that would allow you to install mods with a single click.

Thankfully, Volgon8 and Scokeev9’s Auto-Mod v3.1 is here to make life a whole lot easier. Auto-Mod is a tiny tool that allows you to install single or multiple mods with just one click*. Aside from easing the hassle of installing mods, Auto-Mod has a cool feature that will backup your minecraft.jar file so you can revert changes if anything goes wrong. Be sure to specify it before modifying the file, though!Auto-Mod

You don’t need to install the program; you can run it from anywhere in your system. All you have to do is put mods in folder and click run. That’s two very easy steps that’ll make your life a lot easier when installing mods. The same two-steps apply when uninstalling mods as well.

The mod also features a error-report generator that’ll assist modders and allow you to analyze and fix a problem. In addition, the mod is compatible with all versions of Minecraft and the developer claims it is compatible with “95%+ of mods out there.”

Pros: Very handy tool that will ease the process of installing mods. The fact that you can install multiple mods at once is a big bonus. Furthermore, your minecraft.jar can be backed up, which is useful if something goes wrong. The error-report generator is also a nice addition that’ll help solve problems.

Cons: Installing other mods requires you to use the “Auto-Mod.bat” file. While it is simple and effective,  it would’ve been nice to have a proper installer with a neat GUI. Surely it can’t be that hard?

How to Install Auto-Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. As mentioned earlier, you do not need to install the mod per se; just run it from anywhere on the computer.
  2. Download from the download location and extract it where ever you wish
  3. Drag and drop mod files into the Auto-ModMods folder. Do NOT extract them. Leave them ZIPPED!
  4. Just double click Auto-Mod.bat and let it run. Do not panic if the first window randomly exits. Another will open to finish the process. Be patient and do not interrupt the installation process.
  5. Open Minecraft and enjoy! There is no need to delete META-INF like before because this program has already done it for you! Now ain’t that sweet?

*A mod that installs other mods? So if one used this mod to install a mod….there would be a mod within a mod! MODCEPTION!


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