Battlefield Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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Battlefield Mod

The title basically says most of it. Battlefield mod is based on the “Battlefield” series game. As you can guess the mod adds a lot of weapons, and military subjects. The Mod adds several cool things to the game, such as new mobs which will equip weapons in the future, guns, vehicles and even silver ore to craft your manly toys.  The mod features rockets and will be uodated to have more guns and items in it. The mod is still is a work in progress, and one of the biggest updates would be a campaign mode. The author had made it possible for us to enjoy two of our favorite games in 1. AmazingBattlefield Mod Feature

Battlefield Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5 Main Features

The Battlefield mod features:

  • Many different and famous guns (pistols and assault rife)
  • Vehicles – oh yeah! Drive the cars and kill your enemies
  • Tires – hmmm… your vehicles won’t go far without these
  • Camouflage – Hide yourself in the terrain and keep yourself unseen
  • Silver ore – Used to make silver ingots
  • Silver ingot – Used to craft your weapons and guns
  • Camouflage blocks. – Hide your base or important structures
  • Camouflage dye – Craft yourself some camouflaged clothes
  • Ammunition – Your guns won’t kill anyone without these
  • Knifes – Hardcore, close combat for when you are out of ammo, or going for the stealth kill
  • There are different soldier classes – medic, support, engineer, terrorist.
  • Different factions – Russian, American, Chinese, etc.

Changelog for Battlefield Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

This is the 10th update and unfortunately not much happened here.

  • The mod was officially patented and copyrighted.
  • Rockets don’t bounce anymore
  • New vehicle design added
  • The vehicles are now invicible, you can’t crash it anymore

How to Install Battlefield mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Download and Install Forge API (the correct newer version, otherwise it won’t work)
  2. Open your minecraft. folder and then open the bin folder
  3. Open minecraft.jar with an unarchiver and delete the META-INF folder (Do not delete forge’s META-INF as it will screw up everything)
  4. Download Battlefield mod
  5. Copy the battlefield.jar into the mods folder in minecraft.mods, if there is not file like this, create it
  6. Enjoy!
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