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Black Diamond Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Black Diamond Mod

Hi everyone, again today minecraftdl will be posting updates of new mod updates for you to read! So keep checking! Lets focus on our topic first, Have you guys ever heard of Obsidian plus mod? If you have heard about it, this mod is just the same only it is named black diamond. For those who doesn’t know anything about it. Black Diamond mod enables you to Mine a new ore called Black Diamond. A Black Diamond can be used to make things like swords, pickaxe, axe, armors, all that kind of stuff ya know :P. Black Diamond can be found at 16 layers and below. It must be smelted to become a Black Diamond. It has 3000 durability and is good than diamond tools. AWESOME. Finally there’s a thing that beats diamond. All the time you say can I have diamonds? But after installing this mod, can I have “Black Diamonds”? 🙂

Thanks to the developer Tingelz, he made something that beats diamonds 🙂 Take a look at some pictures

I think that obsidian plus and Black Diamond must have something in common. Just jokin 🙂

external image f2l9ph.png

Black Diamond ModBlack Diamond ModBlack Diamond ModBlack Diamond ModBlack Diamond ModBlack Diamond Mod

How to Download and Install Black Diamond Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download and Install ModLoader
  2. Download The Black Diamond Mod
  3. Open .minecraft folder
  4. Then open minecraft.jar folder in the “bin” folder
  5. Drag the files that you downloaded in the zip into minecraft.jar folder
  6. Delete Meta-INF
  7. PLAY!

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun day mincrafting! 🙂

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