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BossCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

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BossCraft Mod

This mod actually adds your minecraft world approximately 8 bosses and normal mobs. The BossCraft mod will spawn bosses in its place for example, mummies will spawn in desert places which the pharoah and the piramid is located. Rogues are usually found in plain bioms and they are eventually faster than normal mobs. Creepy blocks or what i called the flying head can be found on mountain biomes (they explode whenever they hit). Fire spiders could be found in caves like most normal spiders however they only spawn in darkness. Fire soldiers are soldiers of hell, you rarely found them in nethers and they drop nether orbs. And the last one is the wraits, wraits can be found at night time only in which when you attack they will fade away and the only way you can see them is look to there eyes! However to summon these bosses you will have to kill there underlings first and when there underlings drop items, you use that to craft a summoning seal to summon the bosses.BossCraft Mod

Recipe and be found here


  • The Pharoah: He jumps randomly and randomly shoots fire ball at you! he can drop his golden staff though 🙂
  • The RogueMaster: The RogueMaster will make people kill you… thats all I can say… ohh! he can explode in air too so careful!
  • Mega Block: This is the father of creepy block
  • Spider Queen: she will call her minions to attack you and put webs everywhere, the law of gravity doesn’t work on her that much too
  • The Giant Powerful Fire Lord: He spawn normaly fire soldiers and when he’s almost down he will create a fire ground
  • The grim reaper: If you got something like “boots of speed” on you then he’s just a teleporting machinegun

Boss drops and some new items:

  • A range mage weapon that shoots fireball
  • The ultimate hammer, basically a “push” hammer
  • Fire sword is the sword of god, you summon some fire god to help you when the durablility is full (it’ll regen if you hit monster)
  • You can summon a rain storm with the rogues knife
  • Drain health with the midnight skyte
  • Be immune to fire with the red fire armor (hellstone)
  • Boof of lightness makes you light
  • Run twice as fast with the peagasus boots
  • The rocket turns you to a G-6

BossCraft Mod Version 1.5 for Minecraft 1.3.2 Changelogs

  • Compatibility 1.3.2
  • Mob stats are changed
  • All mobs have spawn eggs
  • New AI for the mobs

How to Install BossCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Goto start and find “run”
  2. Type “%appdata%”
  3. Then find “.minecraft”
  4. Then “bin”
  5. Open the “minecraft.jar” with winrar
  6. Copy and paste the mod contents here
  7. Delete META-INF
  8. DONE!
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