Buildcraft Additional Pipes Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Buildcraft Additional Pipes Mod

We all know how amazing the Buildcraft mod is, one of the greatest mods ever made. A lot of fun to play with but some of you who play with it a lot probably want a bit more, am I right? Well now, with Zeldo’s (now by dastormbringer) additional pipes you can make a lot more compllex and creative systems! As the name inclines, this buildcraft add on adds a whole bunch more pipes for you to play around with,

here is the pipes:

Item Teleport Pipe:

Ever been annoyed with how long it takes to transport items across long distances? Well now, with the teleport pipe you can set two pipes to the same frequency so that any item traveling through point A, will automatically end up in point B! Handy!

Liquid Teleport Pipe:

Does the same thing as the item teleport pipe, except it transports liquids.

Power Teleport pipe:

Again, same thing but transports energy 😉

Distribution Transport Pipe:

This is a handy one, when this pipe is connected to two inventories (eg. chest) it will make sure each of these inventories have an even capacity. So if you had two stacks of cobble in one chest, none in the other, then the Distribution pipe would transport just one stack to the empty chest! Handy, right?

Advanced Wooden Pipe:

This works like a normal wooden pipe but it has a handy little GUI. In this GUI you can tell it to only bring out a certain type of item, or leave a certain type of item in.

Advanced Insertion Pipe:

This pipe will help prevent your items overflowing in your pipe when a chest is full. If there is an available space for an item to go to, the item will be shot extremely fast into that chest. If the insertion pipe is connected to two chests, it will wait until the nearest chest is all filled up and then start transporting to the second chest.

Redstone Transport Pipe:

Whenever an item passes through one of these, a redstone signal will be transmitted to an adjacent block. Quite a good one for people building complex pipe and redstone systems.

Liquid Redstone Transport Pipe:

Exactly the same as the normal redstone pipe except for liquids. When the pipe is at full capacity it will transmit a redstone signal.

Teleport Tether:

This one isn’t a pipe, it’s a chunk loader block. It will keep the chunk it is placed in always loaded no matter what. Perfect for if you’re using teleport pipes a lot. If you get too far away from a chunk it can unload and everything happening in it will freeze, this fixes that.


So, that’s everything this add on adds to buildcraft. I personally think it’s an amazing add on, I’m sure most of you will agree.

How to Install Buildcraft Additional Pipes Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download and install the Buildcraft Mod. (Including everything that is required for Buildcraft)
  2. Download the Additional Pipes add on.
  3. Drop the .zip into your Mods folder and enjoy!
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