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Buycraft — Web Store Plugin for Bukkit 1.2.5

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Buycraft — Web Store Plugin

Im starting up a server, and I am constantly worrying about running out of money to pay for the server. I mean, its easy if you can get players to donate, but then, you cant really decide on how much they send to you.

BuyCraft Mod

You might also find yourself being asked for items or equipment, sure you can give it to them very easily. It really depends on what they are asking for. Well, say they wanted diamonds, You might create a “package” they players can buy using Paypal or onebip. Its really easy. Everything is highly customizable. You can set currency, payment types, amounts, and commands given. You may also want to have a package that expires after a certain amount of time, This is also possible. With LeeMcNeil’s Buycraft bukkit plugin!

Say you wanted to give someone a diamond sword. Well that’s easy! under the “commands” section there is a textbox. In that text box type “give (name) 276 1” the (name) is what you use for the players name instead of type “njhill13”. the end number is the amount of the item given.

“remember, items cannot be used in expiry commands because if an item has been lost or broken, it cannot be taken away from the player.”

Want an example? Sure, just join the server “” and type the command “/buy”.

Here is another example:

How to install Buycraft for Bukkit 1.2.5

  1. Drag in the downloaded jar file.
  2. Aign up at
  3. Find your secret code
  4. Run your server then stop it.
  5. Open the buycraft “FOLDER”
  6. Open the settings file. and paste in your secret code in the appropriate area.
  7. Create packages, and enjoy your server with buycraft
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