Calendar Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

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Calendar Mod

Have you ever lost track of time playing Minecraft?If yes, it’s because there is no calendar in the Minecraft world. Now, the Calendar Mod is here to correct that! Obviously, what this mod does is it adds calendars to your Minecraft world. It will count the time of the world and show the date in the calendar in a Gregorian format. All you have to do is to create the calendar and stick it to the wall.

Calendar Mod

If you need to change any item or block IDs, open the mods folder in .minecraft and you’ll find a folder named “Calendar”. Open that file and you’ll find a file that’s called “”. You can find and change them in there.

BlockID_Calendar=230 // Calendar block ID
ItemID_Calendar=14900 // Calendar item ID

Now try the mod and start counting days in your Minecraft world!

How to install Calendar Mod For Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the file from below.
  2. Install the ModLoader.
  3. Run Minecraft.
  4. Move the downloaded zip file into the ModLoader “mods” folder.
  5. Enjoy!
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