Under The Black Flag Texture Pack 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

I absolutely love this Texture Pack. The packs textures are designed based on the extraordinary game; Assassins Creed 4 Black Flag. The game itself is great, and i’m currently still playing through it. However, from looking at the textures in this Texture Pack and viewing images from various sources I can see a lot of […]

Wipeout Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

The Wipeout Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9 essentially recreates the Wipeout TV show in the game of Minecraft. For those who arent aware of what this TV show is, allow me to explain. The Wipeout TV show, and this Map is a giant course filled with difficult and amusing obstacles that contestants must pass […]

2048 Map SethBling for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

if you have been keeping up with recent games on the internet, you have probably heard of the new tile sliding game called 2048.  This is like the old tile sliding puzzle games where you try to make an image but with a math based twist.  If you like that game, you will like this! […]

Toy Story 2 Adventure Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Do you like the hit Toy Story movies?  Perhaps you like the idea of being a small figure in a huge world?  I think a lot of people enjoy this idea. You can see the world from a new perspective this way!  Welcome to the Toy Story 2 Adventure Map for Minecraft!  This is a recreation […]

Pixel Daydreams Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Pixel Daydreams Texture Pack is an amazing pack that takes inspiration from old video games that you would find in the mid to late 90’s.  With pixels that really shine and stand out, this has to be one of the most creative and pretty texture packs I have ever laid eyes upon. This has to […]

Dead Prison: Terror Behind Bars Map 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Are you ready for some chills down the back? This is going to be one of the scariest and horrifying map you have ever tried. Prepare yourself with all the available weapons, supplies, and, of course, sharp senses. You are about to be chased bad by some of the most notorious creatures of the fantasy […]

Survival Island Map for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Hurray! The contest winner of the Screenshot contest have been announced! Congrats to must smile and thank you everyone for participating. Have a fun time playing Minecraft! For others who lost, don’t lose hope, try out our next contest coming up. For now lets look at a Minecraft map which the yogcast have been reviewing […]

Cyber Optics Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Cyber Optics Texture Pack brings a very sleek and well make gathering of new ideas to the game.  This looks a lot like some recent science fiction movies that have that similar look of planet earth but with colors and artwork that seems like it belongs in space.  A dark yet creative and colorful texture […]

GhostRay Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Are you tired of hunting to earn a living in the Minecraft world? Are you looking for a new and efficient way to become a millionnaire? Well, why don’t you start mining? I know mining is as hard and boring as hunting and other activities. However, you are going to say different with this amazing […]

Nobbie’s Medieval Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.10.2, 1.9.4 and 1.8.9

Nobbie’s Medieval Texture Pack is a new pack based off of the popular Medieval times, the dark ages as it were.  This pack is among many similar themed packs but this one is a rare pack that is designed so well that it can be used for anything, really.  This doesn’t just get stuck in […]