Cheat Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.2.5

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Cheat Pack Mod

The Cheat Pack Mod is for the guy who doesn’t like playing legitimately who doesn’t like going out Mining and collecting all the stuff, why would you do that when you just can cheat!

Cheat Mod

Too enter the Cheat Mode all you need to do is Click Options and then click More options. From the more options tab you can choose to cheat on a few things, enchantments, potions experience or food.

By going into the enchantment tab you can enchant your items from right there, you can set what level of enchantment you want and even the type!

In the potion tab you can choose which potion you want to use and how long you want to use the potion for.

Under the potion tab you can choose how much experience you get

With the food tab you can decide how much food you want!

How to Install Cheat Mod Pack for Minecraft 1.2.5

  1. Download the Cheat Pack Mod
  2. Open .minecraft/ bin
  3. Open Minecraft.jar
  4. Delete the META INF
  5. Drag over all the Cheat Mod Pack files
  6. Done!
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