Connected Textures Mod for Minecraft

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Connected Textures Mod

Hi Minecrafters! Are you bored of glasses in Minecraft that when you put them side to side they are hard to see through? Sometimes other Texture Packs doesn’t taste your spice. Well, not only the glass that changes, the grass and other things that have some lines side by side when put next to each other.  Connected Textures Mod helps you alot and make your Minecrafting life better! Just like BetterCraft, Connected Textures also change some textures and make it better than the default one! The things Connected Textures Mod improves are glasses, sand stones, all the connected blocks that have lines, shelves, and chests! Thanks to the developer (morpheus_017) for making Connected Textures Mod! Take a look at the pictures around here

Connected Textures Mod Version 2.0 Changelogs for Minecraft

  • Updated for Minecraft

How to Connected Texture Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download and install Modloader, Test minecraft.
  2. Press start, the “run”.
  3. Put %appdata% into the space required.
  4. Open the folder .minecraft.
  5. Download Connected textures
  6. Drag the mods folder into .minecraft folder and merge the texturepacks folder inside Connected textures into the .minecraft texturepacks folder.
  7. Play!

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun day playing minecrafting! 😀

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