How to Convert Your Maps to Creative mode

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How to Convert Your Maps to Creative mode

Do you have your old creative maps that you build all your pixel art on? Are you disappointed when there’s a Minecraft update and the mods aren’t compatible so you can fly around and spawn blocks? Well I have the soloution!

Convert your world to a Minecraft creative map!

When you update to Minecraft 1.8 your worlds are automatically in survival mode, I would love the feature to be added where you can choose, but that’s not the case.

How to Convert Your Minecraft Worlds from Survival to Creative

  • Download NBT edit
  • Open NBT edit
  • Browse for your world saves
  • Go into world saves file you want to convert
  • Select level.dat
  • Expand data
  • Double click game type
  • Change the number from 1 to 0 ( to convert to creative from survival)
  • Change 0 to 1 ( to convert from creative to survival)
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