Craftable Spawners Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

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Craftable Spawners Mod

The Craftable Mob Spawner Mod allows you to craft the mob spawners ! (duh…). If you ever wanted certain monsters, but it was to hard to kill them in the wild or find them, this mod will help you. If it will be to craft combat training rooms, or to get certain drops. This should be your choice. The mod allows you to craft a spawner for every mob, however some mobs require certain environment to spawn. One amazing thing about this mod is that it doesn’t add any new content. All of it is taken from the game, only a few files are modified.

Craftable Spawners Mod

Crafting Recipe for the Spawner

Arrange your block in this pattern for a desired outcome:


M=Mossy cobblestone
I= Iron Ingot
X= this material will define what spawner you get


I   X I

Spawner Material:

To spawn animals you need to place these items as the X

  • Pig – Raw Pork Chop
  •  Cow – Raw Beef
  • Sheep – Wool
  • Moooshroom Cow 😀 – a mushroom
  • Wolf – Bone
  • Ocelot – Milk bucket
  • Slime mob – Slime
  • Squid – Ink sack
  • Villager – wooden hoe
  • Iron Golem – iron block
  • Snowman – snowball
  • A Bat (useless) – stone

For the animals to spawn, they have to be on a grassy land

Scary Monsters:

  • Skeleton – arrow
  • Spider – spider eye
  • Cave Spider – string
  • Zombie – rotten flesh
  • Creeper – gun powder
  • Ender Dragon – A diamond! this dude can be spawned only in The End
  • Enderman – Ender Pearl
  • Silver Fish – Raw Fish
  • Witch – Glass Bottle

These guys, spawn only in the dark.

The scariest of all, Nether monsters and mobs:

  • Zombie Pigman – golden nugget
  • Blaze – blaze rod
  • Ghast – ghast tear
  • Magma Cube – magma cream
  • Wither – soul sand

These dudes spawn only in the Nether.

P.S the squid need water to spawn and slimes need to be very fr underground.

Main Features

This mod allows you to craft monster spawners for every mob in the game

How to Install Craftable Spawners Mod for Minecraft 1.6.2

  1. Download and Install Forge API
  2. Download this mod
  3. Copy the archived file into the mods folder in your minecraft. directory
  4. If such folder is lacking, create one.
  5. Enjoy!
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