Default Plus Resource Pack 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

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Default Plus Resource Pack

There’s something about the Default Texture Pack that will always maintain that Minecraft feel that no other Texture Pack or Resource Pack can really bring about in the same way. Instead of replacing or entirely changing the available or default textures already in the game of Minecraft, the Default Plus Resource Pack for Minecraft maintains the Default Resource Pack and fixes up individual textures, tiling and works to basically improve the current textures for Minecraft, without replacing or improving even the Texture Resolution. At first, changes might be subtle and hard to identify, but significant difference can be seen when playing with the pack in your Minecraft worlds. These changes make tiling smoother and fixes up rusty or unnecessary roughness in block and item textures, as well as further in depth into the 900+ changed textures while still maintaining the look and theme of the Default Texture Pack. As well as these vibrant touch ups, variation in textures is also a newly added feature with the Default Plus Resource Pack, introducing multiple variations of item and block textures to the game to improve both aesthetics and also simple texture variation.


Default Plus Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 Pros and Cons


  • Doesnt change the resolution scale of the Default Pack, allowing a wider range of people to be able to run the pack.
  • More vibrant textures, nice to look at and doesnt remove the theme of the Default Pack.
  • Minor changes to textures, but lots of new variation overall.


  • Some textures need touch ups.
  • Textures are no more detailed than the Default Pack.

Default 2 Default 3

Default Plus Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2 Changelog

  • Minor fixes.

Default Plus Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2

  1. Optional: Download and install the Optifine Mod for Minecraft.
  2. Download the Default Plus Resource Pack zip file for Minecraft version 1.8.8, 1.7.10 and 1.7.2.
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the “Resource Packs” folder.
  4. Drag the downloaded zip file into there.
  5. Launch Minecraft and select the Default Plus Resource Pack in the Resource Packs options menu.
  6. Finished.
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