Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

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Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack

Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack is much like every other texturepacks but one thing is that this texturepack actually seems like a combination of alot of texturepack. Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack is the mixture of lots of other pack including Doku’s texturepack himself, Gerudo’s clyde and tombones, Glimmar’s .png’s, GodOfNeon’s explosives, and much much more. alot of you might think that this texturepack creator in just taking others texturepack and make it his… well i must say its exactly as you think. however he did make a big difference and a big differ in the game by this, he didn’t break any rules and he did give credits to the original creators of his mixes and they seemed to be ok with that :). After all this mod is great and there is countless of new things persued in here.

Emkay's GeruDoku Texture Pack

Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10 Main Features

  • RPG style texturepack (doku)
  • Some recoloring, reskinning (Gerudo Rivera)
  • Fixes for HD texturepack (Xau and Kahr)
  • Artwork (Glimmar)
  • Saplings, and those power rails, achievements (Tyken132)
  • More explosives
  • Ender chests (GodofNeon)
  • New Weapons (Balkondeur Alpha)

How to Install Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack for Minecraft 1.11, 1.9.4, 1.8.9 and 1.7.10

  1. Patch your game with MCPatcher or use Optifine
  2. Start your game and select “Mods and Texturepack”
  3. Go to “texture pack” folder
  4. Copy and paste your Emkay’s GeruDoku Texture Pack .zip file here
  5. Run the game and select the texture pack
  6. PLAY!

CREDITS: Emkay443

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