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Essentials Plugins for Bukkit 1.0.0

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Essentials Plugins

You have heard of multiplayer servers in Minecraft. Oh yeah, all of you say that Minecraft is best playing with friends right? But if you got a problem that the server is just single player with friends. Try adding Essentials Bukkit into your Minecraft! Essentials is something like a Combination of MANY mods in single player put into Multiplayer. It enables you to do godly things and many things like single play commands. I really recommend this to all of you who is having OR playing in a Minecraft server. It helps you organize it! Let’s see some of its features:

Essentials Bukkit Plugin

Essentials Plugin for Bukkit 1.0.0

  • Kit: You can set kits and use kits!
  • God: Explains it all
  • Give: give other players or you items.
  • unlimited: Unlimited placing of a block or item.
  • Ban: BANNED
  • Kick: KICKED
  • Kill: KILLED
  • SpawnMob: Spawn mob any type, some can’t be spawned.
  • TP: Teleport you to a player.
  • Suicide: Suicide lol.
  • and much more
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