Essentials Plugins for Bukkit 1.0.0

You have heard of multiplayer servers in Minecraft. Oh yeah, all of you say that Minecraft is best playing with friends right? But if you got a problem that the server is just single player with friends. Try adding Essentials Bukkit into your Minecraft! Essentials is something like a Combination of MANY mods in single player put into Multiplayer. It enables you to do godly things and many things like single play commands. I really recommend this to all of you who is having OR playing in a Minecraft server. It helps you organize it! Let’s see some of its features:

Essentials Bukkit Plugin

Essentials Plugin for Bukkit 1.0.0

  • Kit: You can set kits and use kits!
  • God: Explains it all
  • Give: give other players or you items.
  • unlimited: Unlimited placing of a block or item.
  • Ban: BANNED
  • Kick: KICKED
  • Kill: KILLED
  • SpawnMob: Spawn mob any type, some can’t be spawned.
  • TP: Teleport you to a player.
  • Suicide: Suicide lol.
  • and much more

Essentials Plugins for Bukkit 1.0.0

2011-12-24 09:41:08

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