Explosives+ Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

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Explosives+ Mod

Minecraft has introduced many products of redstone over the past updates. However most of these redstone products have no destructive features at all, all except one item at least; TNT. Only the smallest majority of minecraft users still productively use TNT in both singeplayer and multiplayer worlds. However some users simply love the feeling of destruction. In most cases this can be bad, for this particular reason, I believe this is why mojang decided to leave the destructive block; TNT alone and give it no other relatives. Not everyone is destructive towards other players in minecraft servers, in other words this action would be called “griefing”. However, with this mod only compatible for singplayer worlds, griefing would not be an issue, and there would be mainly, only two purposes that explosives would be used for; Setting traps, and clearing land.

The Explosives+ mod for minecraft 1.4.5, introduces a wide variety of modern, futuristic and past tense explosives. All of which can in some way be set of using redstone, which can already be used in the vanilla version of minecraft. Not only can explosives be destructive and dangerous, but also serve as a very useful tool in day-to-day minecraft life. For example; clearing land and fending off mobs has been made so much easier. By using new, powerful explosives, traps can be set to stop mobs or anything else you may have installed as a mod onto your game. Even so, explosives are dangerous. Just like TNT, these new explosives either do more damage to the player, and to the land also. So be extra cautious when planting, igniting or setting of the explosives for you may cause an extreme amount of damage to your world, your player and any buildings near the blast.Explosives+ Mod


The Explosives+ mod for minecraft 1.4.5 introduces new and improved explosive blocks and materials that work relatively the same as TNT. Of course these new blocks are dangerous, damaging and powerful. I am debating whether that these new explosive materials improve realistic gameplay or not in my mind. However one thing is for sure, I am certain that it definitely improves gameplay in a very positive way. Explosives such as C4, Nuclear Bomb, Black hole bomb, and even a suicide vest! Now, some of the explosives that have been introduced are slightly ridiculous however the outcome and the ways that you can use these explosives are very efficient and also relevant to many minecraft life issues.

A list of the new explosives introduced into the game are:

  • C4 explosive
  • Nuke
  • Black Hole bomb
  • Inverter bomb
  • Ballistic Missile launcher
  • Nova Bomb
  • Biome Buster
  • Genesis bomb
  • Suicide vest
  • Tnt rain
  • Valkyrie rocket
  • Stick of dynamite
  • Volcano bomb
These new, explosives are merely a small fraction of the number of extraordinary explosives, bombs and dangerous items/materials that this mod implements into the game. For a full, detailed list of all the amazing explosives and more; visit >>This<< site.

Bombs and missiles are not the only thing that the Explosives+ mod introduces into the game. Explosives may seem as a non-original, and almost immature idea for a mod. However immature it may seem, this mod is extraordinarily unique to all other mods that have attempted to introduce explosives in one way or another. By introducing unique systems, affects and outcomes; each individual explosive has its own texture, outcome, fuse delay, and damage radius and power stat. All of which have their own crafting recipe, not to mention each explosive has a long list of different uses that the player can act on when deciding what he/she should do with the explosives. The Explosives+ mod took another step into the development of the mod by introducing another level of explosives. Aeroplanes, guns and computer based weaponry that can be used to act as a hunger-free use of exploring; allowing you to see further, and fend mobs off, away from your land without leaving the comfort of your shack. Weaponry such as the mind control helmet or the AC130 are both completely different types of explosives/weaponry. The AC130 is a computer controlled Aeroplane which has a set of different weaponry built into it. This can be used to destroy any enemy that threatens your survival.


 When using the Explosives+ mod for minecraft 1.4.5 you have to be particularly cautious. Obviously a mod with such a name as this one, it is very easy to understand that this mod is dangerous. Explosives cleary have the means to explode, and explosions can cause an intense amount of damage, let alone possibly ruin your chance of survival. It is recommended that if common sense is something you have never grasped the concept of, do not use this mod on a hardcore world, or in a world in which stores a bank of a large set of treasured buildings/structures. If used incorrectly this mod will almost definitely disappoint you. Even so, by installing this mod you clearly understand the risks of the mod itself and if used in an incorrect way It is only your fault, no one else’s.

Explosives+ Mod Version Pre 39 for Minecraft 1.4.5 Changelogs

  • The Beta version for Minecraft 1.4.5

How to Install More Explosives Mod for Minecraft 1.4.5

  1. Download and install minecraft forge, make sure that you start installing the mods with a clean minecraft.
  2. Download the explosive+ mod for minecraft 1.4.5.
  3. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the “mods” folder. If this folder does not exist, simply create the folder instead.
  4. Drag the entire downloaded explosives+ mod zip file into your “mods” folder.
  5. Finished.
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