Factions Plugin Bukkit for Minecraft 1.3.2

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Factions Plugin Bukkit

This plugin is an amazing and unique feature that can be added into your game of minecraft, enjoyable with your friends. Those of you who do not know what a plugin is, or bukkit. Bukkit is a server that allows you to add certain mods. No ordinary mods however. A plugin is something that doesnt add new blocks and items. However in some cases this is possible. A plugin adds either a edited GUI or a text based system. It can range from random strikes of lightning to alterring of blocks and terrain. The factions plugin allows you to create and grow a faction, using a variety or different commands all based around; “/f”. Creating the faction is easy, and you be able to expand and protect your faction homes once your power is raised. Power can be raised either by staying online, or killing mobs and players. Power is important to obtain so that your faction can grow. If power is lost, the harder it is for your faction to survive.

Factions Bukkit Plugin

Servers with this plugin:

  • Badlands~ IP: ~
  • Massivecraft~IP: massivecraft.com ~ Website: www.massivecraft.com
  • ExtaliaCraft ~ IP: mc.extaliamc.com ~

Not only this, but you are able to declare war with other factions and fight till the bitter end untill only one remains, raid there faction and return home in luxury. However, it is also possible to create allies, share power and build together forming a nation. If under distress, call on the aid of your friends. Even if they are from another faction. Everything is customisable, from changing the rights of whether a creeper can explode, or changing the ownership of the faction entirly.

Basic Commands:

  • /f
  • /f help
  • /f create
  • /f desc (this allows to change the faction description)
  • /f invite
  • /f join
  • /f power
  • /f permanent (this sets the faction so that if only one player remains in the faction, and he leaves. It will not disband)
  • /f set home (sets a home on the designated point for players to warp to.)
  • /f home (teleports to faction home)
  • /f claim
  • /f autoclaim
  • /f disband (deletes the faction)
  • /f mod <name> (this sets a moderator of a faction, can use some commands)
  • /f admin <name> (owner of the faction)
  • /f leave

This plugin is great for growing communities and is popular on server lists. This is because you are able to form groups and work together to live in dangerous worlds. Build your way up to the more known people of the server and make your faction known as the greatest. But be careful, the world of factions is incredibly dangerous.

How to install Factions Plugin Bukkit for Minecraft 1.3.2

  1. Download the plugin (assuming you have the server installed)
  2. Open your server folder
  3. Drag the factions.jar into your plugins server
  4. Run your server, stop it, then start it again. (this will install the plugin)
  5. Test out commands and then have fun!
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