FTB Utilities – Server Utility Mod for Minecraft/FTB 1.8.9 Main Features

The FTB Utilities Mod for Minecraft is a huge overhaul mod for Feed The Beast Multiplayer servers. Ultimately, it works to add a large amount of necessary and helpful commands into the game in which all players or the appropriately selected players can use to their desire and benefit. Commands range from simple spawn and home commands, to guides, chunk claiming, server restarts and other important server functions, inventory viewing and even a friend system. The mod works wonderfully, especially on large community servers. The FTB Utilities Mod comes with a detailed commands list, which will be provided below and also a list of permissions, accompanied by an easy to use config file in which server owners can use to customize and change who can use what command and much more. Overall, the mod is fantastic and contains much needed commands and features that would normally require multiple plugins or mods.


FTB Utilities – Server Utility Mod for Minecraft/FTB 1.8.9 Usage

Because this mod mostly relies on using a specific set of commands, they will be listed below:


/back – Teleports player to his last death location.
/spawn – Teleports player to Overworld spawn.
/tpl [player] – Teleports to [player] if he is online or last location if offline.
/warp [ID] – Teleports player to server set warp [ID].

/admin invsee [player] –¬†Opens an online players inventory.
/admin setwarp [ID] – Sets warp [ID] to current position of player.
/admin delwarp [ID] – Deletes warp [ID].
/admin unclaim – Unclaims current chunk.
/admin unclaim_all <player | @a> – Unclaims all chunks from all dimensions.
/admin loaded_chunks – Opens a guide that shows all loaded chunks in all dimensions.

/admin worldborder on|off – Enables/disables world border.
/admin worldborder get [dim] – Prints world border size for dimension [dim].
/admin worldborder set [dim] [radius] – Sets world border radius for dimension [dim].
/admin worldborder center – Sets world border center to current player’s location.
/admin worldborder center [x] [z] – Sets world border center to x, z.

/admin player saveinv|loadinv <player|@a> – Saves or loads player inventory to or from “/local/ftbu/playerinvs/
/admin player saveinv|loadinv <player> [custom name] – Saves or loads a players inventory to or from “/local/ftbu/playerinvs/custom/

To access the mod’s config file to change or mess around with the permissions and functions of each command, go to “/local/ftbu/config.json” to find it.

FTB Utilities – Server Utility Mod for Minecraft/FTB 1.8.9 Pros and Cons


  • Awesome features that are perfect for small and large servers.
  • Works with mods, including all of FTB’s mods.
  • Excellent ideas for functions, adding all the features in one pack instead of multiple.


  • Lot’s of stuff to learn!

FTB Utilities – Server Utility Mod for Minecraft/FTB 1.8.9 Changelog

  • Updated to 1.8.9.
  • Release.

How to install the FTB Utilities – Server Utility Mod for Minecraft/FTB 1.8.9

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge Mod for 1.8.9.
  2. Browse to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft and open the ‘mods’ folder which should be there.
  3. Download the FTB Utilities Mod zip file.
  4. Drag the downloaded mod into the ‘mods’ folder.
  5. Launch Minecraft/FTB and select the appropriate mod(s).
  6. Finished.

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