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Grand Theft Auto IV Mod WIP for Minecraft 1.0.0

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Grand Theft Auto IV Mod

Do you have a friend who played GTA4? no… do you have a friend who “not” play GTA4, this game is the “most” popular game in the human world. This mods change the cute creative world of minecraft to a significant, cool, pornographic, action, and violence in GTA. The mod also gives you access to quest that is presented in the original GTA4 game, this was made so you will feel exactly like Nico Bellic in GTA4. I have tried it, even though its only 25% completed I can tell what will be coming in the future so please, give this modder courage and credit so he would eventually finish this mod before next christmas!!

Grand Theft Auto IV Mod

Grand Theft Auto IV Mod Features

  • GTA4 quest
  • GTA4 skins
  • GTA4 creepers, people sorry….
  • GTA4 world
  • Upcoming…. (we still got 75% left to go)

How to Install Grand Theft Auto IV Mod for Minecraft 1.0.0

  1. Go to start
  2. Run
  3. “%appdata%” without the “
  4. Go inside .minecraft
  5. Then inside the bin
  6. Open minecraft.jar with 7zip or winrar
  7. Extract your mods here, (all mods should be done the same)
  8. ModLoader should be ensured as well (extracted at the same place)
  9. Delete any META-INF
  10. Bammm!!! your finished

Credits: Elfenlordi, Good mod, Perfect mod…. I give you all my cheers to finish this before next year and i guaratee this will be a “hell” of a mod.

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