Green Lantern Hal Jordan Skin

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Green Lantern Hal Jordan Skin

Wow, today I just had a flash a genius moment for making Minecraft skin. This skin is about Green lantern, the hero name was Hal Jordan. He was a pilot and got the ring and he became powerful and he saved the world. The movie was just the same as other hero movie the bad guys loose and the good guys win. But today we didn’t come and talk about the movie we come here to talk about the skin. So, I spend few hours doing this skin using Minecraft nova to make it. It was my first time doing the skin so it doesn’t have that much detail. But it’s still looking fine. So if you are a fan of Green lantern or not a fan of Green lantern just try to download Green lantern skin and play it.

Minecraft Green Lantern Skin


How to Install Green Lantern Hal Jordan Skin for Minecraft

  1. Download the skin
  2. Go to
  3. Browse the skin that where to save it
  4. Click Upload
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