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How to Find Strongholds Mod

Category: Minecraft Mods | Develop by: | Updated: 2011-10-11 16:32:31

How to Find Strongholds Mod

Since the addition of strongholds in Minecraft 1.8 Im sure all of us have wanted to go and find a stronghold, the only problem is how rare they are. When Minecraft 1.8 was first released there was only 1 stronghold per map, which made the strongholds extremely rare! Mojang decided to update strongholds to 3 per map which still makes stronghold rare. There is now a mod which helps you find strongholds; it is probably one of the simplest mods you will come across but the mod doesn’t any other features.

All you need to do Is press F3 ( or the key that brings up your XY positions. Once you have pressed F3 you will see the usual information, your lag your XY positions etc. But you will also see three new blocks of text. Stronghold 1, stronghold 2 and stronghold 3; accommodating these three new blocks of text will be the XY position for each strong hold.

Simple as that! Now follow your XY co-ordinates and find a stronghold. Enjoy!

How to Install How to Find Strongholds Mod

  1. Back up your saves and Minecraft.jar
  2. Open Minecraft.jar
  3. Delete Meta-INF
  4. Drag and drop mod files into minecraf.jar
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