How to Play Minecraft for Beginners

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How to Play Minecraft

How to play minecraft, well frankly play it how you want. That is the beauty of minecraft. You can play it multiple ways. You can play in creative mode and have unlimted resources and no health and just freely build. Or you can play minecraft in survival mode and try to survive against the hostile mobs and the elements. But even in survival mode you have options of difficulty.

There’s hundreds maybe even thousands of ways to play minecraft. This is due to the community of modders. People actually making things for the game which you can install and play with, and it feels like you are playing a completely different game. You can install the Mo creatures mod with adds more mobs hostile and friendly to the game. You can install the millenaire mod which adds non player characters to the game, and you can work with them and build towns and cities.

Or you can find a multiplayer server and play with friends or make new friends!

Minecraft – Its what you make it!

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