Industrial Craft 7.16 for Minecraft 1.6.6

Hello everyone in the world of minecraft it is consist of two main things, mining collecting resources, and crafting items.Some people nowadays are having problems with the boring of texture pack of minecraft and many mods nowadays are also improving to meet those people needs. But I now present to you the “Industrial Craft v7.16” it adds the 2 main things we play in minecraft (Mining and Crafting). In this mod many Mobdro new things are added many new resources are added in the game. You get better furnaces, new fuel, and many more.

Industrial Craft Requirement

How to Install Industrial Craft for Minecraft 1.6.6

  1. Download IndustrialCraft
  2. Download mod loader and modloader mp
  3. Drop “minecraft” folder into minecraft.jar (dont forget to delete the META-inf folder)
  4. IndustrialRecipes.txt is the recipes for items
  5. IndustrialCraftconfig.txt is the config file used for some changes Mobdro APK in industrial craft (but it isn’t NEEDED to run it )
  6. Your ready to play! ?


Have fun!

Note to Developer – I want to say thank you for developing this wonderful mod for us to use ?

Published by Black Bear

Hi minecrafters,

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