Infe-station Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

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Infe-station Mod

Music isn’t one of minecraft’s most extraordinary features. The in game Juke Box is kinda cool and snazzy, but the music isn’t exactly the type to throw a party. Most people will find themselves listening to other music music on Youtube or radio stations while playing minecraft. Problem with that is, you can’t share the music with any of your friends. Normalso, on the minecraftforums, has created the Infestation mod, allowing us to listen to shoutcasts in game even in multiplayer.

Infestation Mod

The main feature of this mod is the Stream Player. Crafted by placing wooden planks in an “x” formation. The Stream Player works similar to a Jukebox; it will play music when you’re near it and fade out as you go away. However, right click the Stream Player and you can enter in a URL of any mp3 Shoutcast and it will play that Shoutcast in minecraft! Now is that cool or what? I’m sure most people didn’t even know that it’s possible to play music from feeds outside of minecraft, but apparently it is! Think about it. You could be playing minecraft with all your mates while listening to your favourite Shoutcast and mining to its beats. If that doesn’t amaze you, then I don’t know what will.

The Infestation mod also adds furniture. Simply place a “Generic” block on the floor and you can choose a monitor, a chair, or a desk lamp. These furniture items are pretty basic, the models are cool but the textures aren’t all that amazing. However, they do help blend in your snazzy new Stream Player in your house.

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Personally, this mod gave me a huge “wow” factor. The ability to play external music directly into minecraft is just pure genius. I absolutely love this mod and I’m sure it’ll be great for anyone who, like me, loves to listen to music while they game. I highly recommend you guys check this mod out.

Infe-station Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  • Craft a stream-player from an ‘X’ shape with wooden planks. Place it down wherever you desire, right click it and copy and paste your required SHOUTcast radio URL.
  • You can also craft several furniture pieces (generic) out of wooden planks:
  • You can simply craft a chair for your house!
  • A desk lamp is an easy fix for decorating your cottage!
  • And perhaps the most exciting and impressive piece of furniture, is the addition of the computer monitor!
  • Guinea pigs are the only new creature added to the game, these small furry animals can impress any adventurer!

Infe-station Mod Version 0.2.9 for Minecraft 1.4.7

  • Compatible with Minecraft 1.4.7
  • Support more MP3 based streans

How to Install Infestation Mod for Minecraft 1.4.7

  1. Download and install Minecraft FORGE.
  2. Download the Infestation mod.
  3. Extract the “mods” folder and “resources” folder into your .minecraft
  4. Say yes to”Merge Folders?”
  5. Enjoy!
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