InGameInfo Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

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InGameInfo Mod

Hello my fellow Minecrafters, Milkman here to bring you this very handy mod! It’s called InGame Info, What this mod does is that it gives you this awesome GUI in the game!! Want to know how much score you have without having to die?

In need of real time information like weather, light level or your world size as you explore? Then this mod is for you! Ingame Info adds the ability to add lines of information on the top of your in-game screen. All you must do is run the game once, check for a file named ingameInfo.txt in the ‘.minecraftmodsdaftpvf” folder, edit it adding whatever you want and you’re set! Here’s a pretty picture 😉

And here’s a video showing off this mod and explaining how it works 🙂 This mod is a great addition to Minecraft and I think that everyone will find it useful 😀

PUT THIS INTO THE mods/daftpvf/ingameInfo.txt FILE.

&2<fps> &ffps
&2Level: &a<playerlevel>
&b<xpthislevel> &f/ &a<xpcap>
<max[<pct(<equippedmaxdamage>,25)>/<equippeddamageleft>[&4/&e]]><equippeddamageleft> &f/ &e<equippedmaxdamage>
<max[<pct(<helmetdamage>,25)>/<helmetdamageleft>[&4/&e]]><helmetdamageleft> &f/ &e<helmetmaxdamage>
<max[<pct(<chestplatedamage>,25)>/<chestplatedamageleft>[&4/&e]]><chestplatedamageleft> &f/ &e<chestplatemaxdamage>
<max[<pct(<leggingsdamage>,25)>/<leggingsdamageleft>[&4/&e]]><leggingsdamageleft> &f/ &e<leggingsmaxdamage>
<max[<pct(<bootsdamage>,25)>/<bootsdamageleft>[&4/&e]]><bootsdamageleft> &f/ &e<bootsmaxdamage>

InGame Info Mod

InGameInfo Mod Version 1.6.4.r05 for Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 Changelogs

  • Compatibility with Minecraft 1.6.4

How to install The InGameInfo Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

  1. Download and extract bspkrsCore into the mods folder
  2. Download the file from below.
  3. Install ModLoader or Minecraft Forge
  4. Move the ”” into the mods folder in .minecraft.
  5. Delete META-INF.
  6. Enjoy! Have fun with this mod!!
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