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Israphel Skin

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Israphel Skin

Do you want to scare your friend with the scariest name in Yogscast series? This skin is the most cruel and petty figure in this series. Created by Lewis and Simon, Israphel is the main protagonist of Yogscast series, the most famous fan made Mincraft series on YouTube. Born in January 1905, Israphel is the figure that has the most mystery background. He was killed when the experiment of Professor Grizworld (who he worked for) went wrong. He was buried in the sandstone wreckage of his professor’s lab as well as in the Crypt of Terrorvale. Since then, he reappeared as a ghost-like character (we are not sure that what turned him into a ghost as his father was a human, whether because of the exposure or the desert). He is the kidnapper of Karpath Peculier (Old Peculier’s mother), Isabel Peculier (Old’s Peculier’s sister), Daisy Duke (Old Peculier’s lover), and Granny Bacon (Honeydew’s lover). His action is the cause of the war between him and Honeydew.

Israphel Skin

I am sure that if you use this skin as your avatar, your friend will run away before entering your town.

How to install Israphel Skin

  1. First,download Israphel Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Click profile,and browse your Israphel Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Israphel Skin!!
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