CCTV Video Camera Mod for Minecraft

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CCTV Video Camera Mod

An eye on every part of your house….Does your house have a CCTV camera? Everyone’s house needs a CCTV camera! A CCTV camera is used to capture thieves or any moving thing inside your house. If your real life house has one. Why not have it in your Minecraft house!

The Kaevator CCTV Video camera screen mod. enables you to have a video camera on every part of your Minecraft House! ISn’t that cool? You can now watch every move happening in your animal farm, mob farm, or plants farm! Sometimes there may be creeper or any misplaced mobs around so you can go there and get things right 🙂

First of all, lets say thanks to the creator of this mod (Kaevator) for making this mod! The Kaevator CCTV video camera screen mod is a very useful mod. Many people would think that this mod is useless because you can just look at it – -*. But lets say that, trying it doesn’t lose anything does it? 😀 Have fun!:

CCTV Video Camera Mod Changelog

Fully Compatible with Minecraft 1.1

Lets get to the downloading part.

How to Download and Install CCTV Video Camera Mod for Minecraft

  1. Download and install ModLoader into your minecraft.jar.
  2. Download Kaevator’s CCTV video camera screen mod.
  3. Open up minecraft.jar using winrar (run/%appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar).
  4. Drag the files inside the mod you downloaded into minecraft.jar (Open by winrar is called folder)

CCTV Video Camera Crafting Recipes

CCTV Video Camera Crafting RecipeCCTV Video Camera Crafting Recipe 2

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a fun day playing CCTV video camera! 😀

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