Level Up RPG Skills Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

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Level Up RPG Skills Mod

Hi, Minecraft player Today i will present about level up! V1.3 forminecraft 1.3. when you play Minecraft and you get lvl up you will have 3 point to upgrade you skill. u choose 8 skill from the game there are 1.Mining 2.Sword 3.Defense 4.Wood cutting 5.Smelting 6.Archery 7.Athletics and the last is cooking.But This mod also adds a few new gameplay mechanics: Bonus Xp and Sneaking. All skill are capped at 50 but if you dead you skil will reset to 00000000000 (that’s so bad 😀 ) I dont have video about 1.3 but you can look at 1.2

Level Up RPG Skills Mod v1.3

  • Added new skill: Athletics
  • Added new skill: Cooking
  • Added new skill: Stealth
  • Added new mechanic: While sneaking, enemies will only detect your presence if they happen to turn and look at you. In other words, if you are sneaking, it is not enough just to get near enemies for them to start attacking you. There is a “secret” feature with this mechanic. Once someone finds it, I will add it to the mechanic’s description.
  • The Defense skill no longer protects against fall damage
  • Fixed a bug with the Defense skill

How to Install Level Up RPG Skills Mod for Minecraft 1.8.1

  1. Install ModLoader to can play this
  2. Extract the files from the “classes” folder in the .zip and then drag them to your minecraft.jar
  3. You must delete the META-INF folder if you have it in the Minecraft.jar

If you have any ploblem I can help

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