LotsOMobs Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

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The Minecraft world, in default, has a very limited kinds of mobs wandering around. Mobs play a big role in the Minecraft world. Without them, the world will look empty and many cool features of the game will cease to exist. That is why you should never underestimate the existence of mobs. Those who know and acknowledge such fact about mobs will really appreciate the expansion and introduction of new mobs. Now, get ready to show some appreciation and gratitude. Your world is about to change massively! Check this out!

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LotsOMobs Mod is a mod that will add so many new kinds of mobs to the Minecraft world. It\’s not a few mobs I\’m talking about. I\’m talking about bunch of new mobs! New mobs will roam in different biomes and environment. Land mobs and aquatic mobs will prosper and populate in the Minecraft world. The mob will even introduce dinosaurs! You will be in between the present age and the prehistoric age. The mod will also add many new items, tools, and even blocks that will help you with your survival around the new mobs. There is just so much to this mod.

LotsOMobs Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 Main Features

  • The mod will add many new mobs to the Minecraft world.
  • The mod will add new items, tools, and blocks to the Minecraft world.
  • The mod will add time machine, which will enable you to travel in time.

LotsOMobs Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4 Pros and Cons

The introduction of new mobs will really double the fun as they will drop more and new items that can be used to craft many more stuffs. The new mobs will make the world more adventurous and thrilling.

If you don\’t like your world to be crowded and noisy, you will find this mod less attractive.

How to Install LotsOMobs Mod For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.7.2 and 1.6.4

  1. Download and Install Minecraft Forge
  2. Run Minecraft Launcher and select Forge Profile
  3. Go to Start Menu and Run %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Put the LotsOMobs Mod file without extracting it into the mods folder
  5. Launch Minecraft with the Forge Profile

Find the Recipe here