MCSkin3D 1.4 – Easy Create Your Own Skin

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MCSkin3D 1.4 – Easy Create Your Own Skin

One great thing about Minecraft is that you can customise your profile / your skin! But the bad thing is you need to go to a website and download a skin which possibly hundreds or even thousands of people have. Not very unique, so you can decide to make your own skin which can be awkward depending on your graphical skills it can be near impossible to make something that looks great! So I present to you MCSKIN3D a piece of software which gives you the tool set to make an amazing skin with minimal graphic skills and all in 3D! You can choose to edit your skin in a number of windows, maybe just focus on the head or the body or the arm you can do that. This software also holds all your skins in one place so you can easily take parts from one skin and put it in another, maybe you like the way a face is done on a skin you can download that skin, take just the face of the skin and add it to your skin! This tool is truly powerful and gives you the ability to make amazing and very customisable skins. Thanks Paril for creating such a great Minecraft Tool!

How to Use MCSkin3D version 1.4

  1. Download the software
  2. Drag in your skin!
  3. Play and customise!
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