Middle Age Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4

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Middle Age Mod

Middle Age Mod adds a few things to Minecraft, so you can decorate your castle or your house and make it feel more like a castle from in the Middle Ages, the way in which the Mod does this is by adding features to the Mod like statues, of each mob that is in the game, a number of different size banners, flags and even different torches, so you can have torches standing up 2 block high rather than placing them on the wall.

I love the Middle Age Mod, its only a simple Mod but its one of those Mods that could simply fit into Minecraft. As all it adds is decoration items and that’s one thing that Minecraft needs more of. To expand this mod I think the mod needs to add non player characters and have it where you need to protect your castle and attack other castles.

How to Install Middle Age Mod for Minecraft 1.2.4

  • Make sure you have a clean version of Minecraft
  • Download the Middle Age Mod
  • Find your roaming folder
  • Open .minecraft/ bin
  • Open Minecraft.jar
  • Delete the meta inf
  • Drag in the mod files
  • And enjoy the Middle Age Mod for your Minecraft 1.2.4
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