How to Get MineCon Cape Mod for Minecraft 1.1

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How to Get MineCon Cape Mod

I am jealous of all the people going to minecon! Not only do they get to go to the event; yeah i know they paid for tickets and i could have went to if i could have afforded it. But i am still jealous. If you bough a ticket to go to minecon you got a special item in game, i am sure you have seen a lot of them in videos or pictures. You know what I am talking about capes!

Well now there’s a mod you can download and install to get your very own cape! You didn’t have to go to Vegas or spend all the money on a ticket to get your cape, you can simply download it!

There’s a number of capes you can choose from whether you want the red minecon one or a few others!

How to Install MineCon Cape Mod for Minecraft 1.1

  1. Download and Instal MineCon Cape Mod for Minecraft 1.1
  2. Open .minecraft
  3. Drag the file into minecraft.jar
  4. Play minecraft!!

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