Minecraft 1.6 Beta Available for Download

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Minecraft 1.6 Beta Available

Well well well, It is time for a big update. Today Mojang has official released Minecraft 1.6 (Beta). In this version there are hundreds of bug fixed, and new features.

Craftable Maps, now the player can create cartable map. It will automatically update when the player is walking. In the map will show the position of other visitors too.

In Minecraft 1.6 Beta, it is now Supported Nether in SMP

(NEW ITEM) Hatches, it is like a door but this one you have to place it on the top face of blocks. Now, you can created a secret place for yourself.

Tall Grass is one of the biggest change in this version. Before, we have to install plugin like Wild Grass Mod to be able to render tall grass, but now it is all over your Minecraft’s World.

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