Minecraft 1.6 Mini-Map and The Nether in Multiplayer

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Minecraft 1.6 Mini-Map

Minecraft 1.6 Update Mini-Maps

Well, now in Minecraft we have experienced weather, achievements, and new rails. So, what will be in the next version, Minecraft 1.6? After I was spent my time researching, I found out the Notch is working on adding mini-maps and fixes a lot of bugs for the next release, Minecraft 1.6.

The major update in Minecraft 1.6 could be “The Nether in Multiplayer”. Do you know what is nether?

If you know what is portal you probably know what is The Nether. In single player mode in Mincraft, you can build a portal and once you stepped in the portal, you will be transfer to The Nether (aka Hell or The Slip).

The Nether in Minecraft 1.6 Multiplayer

However, in Minecraft 1.5, when you stepped in the Portal there is nothing happens .

In the Nether, is like a separate world of Minecraft, because it is much darker and consists of different types of blocks and mobs, compasses and clocks doesn’t work, and you can’t sleep in there. Sound scary, hah? Well, actually the Nether is great. The reason is that you can travel faster using the Nether, because in the Nether travel distance compare is 8 times shorter than normal Minecraft world. That is means to say if you walk one step in the Nether you have walked 8 steps in normal Minecraft world.

Tell us what do you think about next release, Minecraft 1.6 Update?

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