Minecraft 1.8 2nd Pre-Released 14 Sept – Available for Download

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Minecraft 1.8 2nd Pre-Released 14 Sept – Available

You’ve heard about it, You’ve seen it, You want to play it, now the pre-released is out! All Minecraft fans are all talking about 1.8 aren’t they? Now the pre-release is here! Mojang made for us, but it is a bit buggy and any bugs found should be told to Mojang! Yeah! You will have the power to test this awesome update. The Adventure Update. Many more things will be added like sprinting, new biomes + bigger ones, new mobs, new items, new blocks, new food, and many many more awesome brand new things that you haven’t seen in Minecraft! Talking about 1.8 update. You should have heard about the “Enderman” which is a hostile mob which will attack you if you look at them in the eye~ Creepy~. It teleports in front of you! More faster than Herobrine, stronger than a Creeper, and taller than a tree! ( AWESOME ) Cool ain’t it? That is why Minecraft 1.8 update is called an “Adventure Update”. Take a look at this:

Thanks to Hat Films for the video. This should become one of the best updates in Minecraft! Now that you have seen the trailer, seen some pictures, and hear word about it. Why not download the pre-released?

How to Download and Install Minecraft 1.8 2nd Pre-Released 14 September

  1. Download the minecraft.jar under this content.
  2. After that open start>run>%appdata%>.minecraft>bins
  3. Drag the minecraft.jar that you downloaded and then replace the old one inside .minecraft bin.
  4. Run minecraft!

*If you have problems you can comment*

Have a happy day playing Minecraft 1.8! 😀


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