Minecraft Creeper Skin

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Minecraft Creeper Skin

Hi,girls and guy! today I will show you about Real creeper skin.Every minecrafter choose to know this scary monster, it is the most dangerous monster in minecraft!As all we know creeper stay in every where if you see it you choose run if live! For a new minecrafter that don’t know a creeper yet,creeper is the most dangerous monster in minecraft with four leg and green skin they can explode like a tnt! Creeper skin is one of the most popular skin in minecraft because every minecrafter scare creeper,so they want to be creeper to scare other people.At first I don’t believe that they can make a real creeper skin.It is hard to add detail to make a real creeper skin, but now I believe it when I saw this:

Mincraft Creeper Skin

How to change your Minecraft Skin to Creeper Minecraft Skin

  1. First,download skin
  2. When to www.minecraft.net
  3. Log in your ID
  4. When to profile
  5. Click browse and put your skin there,then click upload
  6. Enjoy your creeper skin:)
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