Minecraft Planes v12 – Explore your Minecraft World on the Sky

When, you’re playing Minecraft for a while. You Minecraft’s World will start to be bigger and bigger. Then, you have build minecarts or boats for transportations right?. Sometimes, I thought those are not fast enough, then it comes to Planes Mod. Mobdro First, let’s say thank you to jamioflan the developer of Planes Mod in Minecraft for creating such as great mod that help us travel faster.

How to install Minecraft Planes

  1. Download and Install Risugami’s ModLoader, SDK’s ModLoaderMp, and Turbo Model Thingy
  2. Download Planes v12
  3. Copy and Paste all files in folder named “jar” into “minecraft.jar”
  4. Copy and Paste all the files in “resources” folder to minecraft’s Mobdro APK resources folder
  5. Copy and Paste planes.txt and plane.properties into minecraft root directory
  6. Delete META-INF file in “minecraft.jar”
  7. If every all set, then you’re ready to fly.

To see how to build planes or crafting recipes click here.

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