Minecraft Santa Claus Skins

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Minecraft Santa Claus Skins

It is getting close to Christmas and everyone is looking forward to Santa coming and delivering presents. Maybe you are getting in the mood for Christmas with a custom Christmas texture pack or Christmas style mods.

But do you have a Christmas skin? These two skins are Santa skins, one you actually are Santa you have the beard and everything!! But the 2nd skin provides Steve ( your Minecraft character) with a Santa costume.

I prefer the Santa Steve skin as it is not as popular as the Santa skin!

How to Change my skin to Santa Claus Skin

  1. Download the custom skin you want
  2. Edit the skin in anyway you choose ( optional )
  3. Go to Minecraft.net/
  4. Log in and go to the profile page ( minecraft.net /profile)
  5. Click choose file
  6. Browse your computer for the skin
  7. Select it and click ok
  8. Wait for the site to load and enjoy your new skin!
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