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Minecraft Structure Planner

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Minecraft Structure Planner

Hi minecrafters! Minecraft is all about building right? Do you need some tools to plan your building? Well, Today you will be playing Minecraft which isn’t a Minecraft. Confusing isn’t it? What I was going to say was this tool name is called Minecraft Structure Planner!

As said in the name, it is a program that enables you to Plan your structure without playing Minecraft! With this program you can play Minecraft without even opening it, also it will be more annoying if you always fall when building a large structure. You can also just press one button to build a big thing!

This Minecraft Structure Planner makes you have an idea for making stuffs before continuing to make in the real game! ( So no creepers are gonna bomb them!)  Some of you may think what’s the point of Planing it? Many people would like to plan before they do it in real Minecraft. So they can be accurate and build it correctly.

Minecraft Structure Planner

Thanks to LankyBrit we have this cool tool to use! The bad part is that you can’t build it. I mean you can just only plan it not like copy paste the planned structure into the game (But you can build it in the game block by block). Lets just look at the positive side 🙂 I think many of you would like to do this when : your friends server is not online, when minecraft crashed, or when your bored. You can improve your creativeness by using this! 🙂

This program can be viewed from 3 sides:

  • Height Map – Showing how high your structure would be
  • 3D Map – Look at your structure in 3D , so will can imagine what it look like in the real game.
  • Layer Map – You can carefully plan your structure layer by layer

XD it is so cool. I really recommend to you this tool. It’s like the heart of Minecraft! (BUILDING!)

How to Download and Install Minecraft Structure Planner

  1. Download Minecraft Structure Planner
  2. Then run it!
  3. Start planning on your new project

*If you have problems please comment*

Have a fun time planning!

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