MineEdit All-in-One Minecraft Editor – June Updates

Last updated 2011-06-09 20:00:24

Have you ever thought of having control over Minecraft? This program can fulfils your thoughts. MineEdit allows you to edit your own inventory or even your map! MineEdit can also edit your character (health, position, fire, air) and spawns chest,spawners, or mobs(anywhere!). I’m sure this will be a great tool for everyone who wants to edit their own Minecraft by themselves.

MineEdit All-in-One Minecraft Editor

MineEdit All-in-One Minecraft Editor Features (New & Broken):

  • Completely new dialog for replacing craps
  • Light calculator *broken*
  • Fixed to work with /game/
  • Automated unit testing through
  • Support for Halloween entities and blocks
  • Hills generator gives you a vast desert wasteland
  • Water generator takes a lesser time
  • Entities save for once

Have fun editing! :)


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