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MineEdit All-in-One MineCraft Editor

Category: Minecraft Tools | Develop by: | Updated: 2011-05-16 14:26:37

MineEdit All-in-One MineCraft Editor

This may be one of the tool that you need to have for Minecraft. MineEdit, is developed by N3X16. It is some kind of inventory and map editor in one, as its name. I didn’t try this out yet, but I’m sure this is a great tool for us.

MineEdit All-in-One Minecraft Editor

MineEdit All-in-One Editor Features

  • Inventory Editing with user friendly interface
  • Browsing through infidel saves
  • Infdev map editor
  • Edit Player (Health, Position, etc)
  • One-Click Repair
  • Entity Editor
  • Choose block from Dropdown
  • Tile Replacer
  • Map Generator with advance customization options
  • Trees and plants
  • much more
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