Mob Spawn Controls Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

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Mob Spawn Controls Mod

There are some mobs in minecraft that others love, others hate, or just find plain annoying. Maybe you don’t want to play on peaceful, but just don’t want creepers ruining your style. Or perhaps you just want to face on enemy in particular, or maybe Ocelots are getting annoying. Introducing the Mob Spawn Controls mod by Davidee.

The mob spawn controls mod adds a whole new section of options (accessible by pressing F6) that allows yout to completely re configure the way mobs spawn. There are separate controls for each tpye of mob; monsters, creatures and Water creatures. For each mob you can control how frequent it spawns, which biomes it spawns in, and whether it even spawns at all! Heck, you could have cats everywhere, or a creeperless world, or a zombie invasion! The sky is the limit with this mod and I can already see that it has many possibilities. Being able to control how mobs spawn when creating an adventure map would kind of interesting. It’d be w hole new experience with a map that the creator itself controls when and where the mobs spawn.

One of the greatest things about this mod is that you can allow mobs in the Nether to spawn in the overworld, or the other way round. That’s right, you could have ghasts spawning on the overworld. Maybe as a rare occurance or only in dessert. Or perhapsjust an over all ghast invasion! There are serious uses for this mod, and there are just plain fun uses. Like maybe if you wanted to start a new single player world, but thoguht it would be fun if you found cats on a plain biome. Simple and subtle but could create a whole new experience. Or, like I said you could just make a completely ridiculous world with ghasts raiding the overworld and zombies destroying villages.Mob Spawn Controls Mod

I personally really enjoyed playing around with this mod. I thought it was quite brilliant, and definitely something Mojang could maybe consider for the new adventure mode if map creators would like to control their mob spawns. An utterly amazing mod with many possibilities. I say kudos to you Davidee!

How to Install Mob Spawn Controls Mod for Minecraft 1.5.1

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge API
  2. Download the Mob Spawn Controls mod
  3. Backup your Minecraft.jar
  4. Delete META-INF
  5. Extract the mod files into your Minecraft.jar
  6. That should do.


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