ModLoaderMP for Minecraft 1.7.4

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ModLoaderMP is another ModLoader for Minecraft, although this mod loader works with mods that ModLoader doesn’t.

ModLoaderMP makes a lot of Mods possible, including Flans Plane Mod. It is also used in other popular Mods including SDK Guns Mod, it is commonly used with Minecraft forge.

Minecraft 1.0.0 Full Version

ModLoaderMP is used with Mods that can be used on Minecraft Multiplayer Servers, hence the name ModLoaderMP (Multi player). You are less likely to use or come across this Mod unlike the single player version, as this mod will be more commonly used by people who have servers, or manage servers.

This ModLoader is exactly the same to install as Modloader but you want to put it in the server files.

How to Install ModLoader MP for Minecraft 1.7.4

  1. Download and Install ModLoader, then ModLoaderMP and the Mod you want to install
  2. Delete the META INF file to prevent black screen
  3. Drag the mod loader files into the .jar
  4. And install the corresponding Mod the correct way. ( will vary from mod to mod)
Download note: The first link is the Client version and the second is the server.
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