MultiMC for Running Multiple Minecraft at Once

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MultiMC is a tool in which you can create multiple instances of Minecraft’s to prevent the corruption of your main game. This is a great tool and is very helpful when wanting to test out new snapshots.

When you get this tool, you will be presented with an interface. Top left, there is a New Instance button. Upon creating a new instance, you will be prompted to give that instance a name, and choose its version. How far does the version go back you say? Well, from looking at the version list, this lovely tool allows you to create a Minecraft instance that dates back to the old ALPHA 1.0.4! That is impressive. How is this done? Well the guys at MCNostalgia implemented their tool into this program for the purpose of easy Minecraft management. Have trouble installing mods? Well not with this tool! MultiMC allows you to add a mod simply by clicking ‘Add Mod’ and by selecting the zip file for the mod. Want Minecraft Forge? Well, try the MCForge button. On the press of that button, you now see the list of Minecraft Forge versions that, from the simple click of the OK button, will get put into your instance. What else? Watch the following video made by MTNOfficial to learn about this program’s beautiful features.

This detailed video review shows that this program allows you to alot of tasks when managing your Minecraft. Below is a brief summary of what this amazing little tool has to offer!

MultiMC 5 (Official Release) Features

  • Running multiple Minecraft at once
  • Able to choose resolution when starting a Minecraft
  • Java’s runtime and memory options
  • Console output in color coded window
  • Easily kill when Minecraft freezes
  • Custom icons and group for each Minecraft instance you opens
  • Integrated Forge API
  • Supports every single version that you can run with Vanilla launcher

MultiMC Changelog

  • Fixed bugs and updated the release version to MultiMC5

MultiMC Complicated Installation Instructions

  1. Download Program
  2. Run it
  3. Done!
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