New Mobs in Minecraft 1.9

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New Mobs in Minecraft 1.9

Notch and jeb are slowly beginning to release information about Minecraft 1.9, and they have done it again! Releasing information about a new craftable mob in 1.9. This new mob is a snowman! Its not yet been released how to craft this new friend, but it is said that the snow man will through snow balls at mobs! Notch tweeted that the snowmen are funny, annoying creepers and skeletons! When the snowmen move about they leave a trail of snow behind them.

What I want to know is if the snowmen are attacking creepers, and the creeper goes up to the snowman, does he explode! If so this could become annoying quiet quickly as we would have wholes everywhere! The snowballs deal 0 percent damage, so I think they have been added as a fun element and to go with the return of the snow biome. These new mobs will adapt to there surroundings, because if they go in a hot biome they will melt. So I think they will be restricted to snow biomes.

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