Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit) for Minecraft 1.5

Minecraft World Editor MCEdit 1.5

MCEdit or Minecraft World Edtior is a minecraft map editor, it will allows you to construct anything by moving blocks around. You can select millions of blocks and clone them anywhere you want. This is what minecraft’s artist should have. Now, you can turn your idea into Minecraft World easier than before.

What’s new in Minecraft World Editor for Minecraft 1.5

  • MCEdit Stable 9

    • Added more brushes and clone settings

    • Fixed bug when undoing clone

    • Fixed incorrect entity positions

    • Suppresses some floating-point errors

You have to exit minecraft before launch Minecraft World Editor (MCEdit), or else you will lose all your save and we will not responsible for it.

Minecraft 1.5 Available for Download

Finally, Minecraft 1.5 (Beta) is available for download now today. As I had mentioned in previous post that in Minecraft 1.5 will included new features such as weather effects, achievements, statistics, minecarts, and zombie pigs.

Below are new recipes for Powered Rail and Detector Rail

Powered Rail Recipe

Detector Rail Recipe

Detector Rail

The Forgotten Cave

The Forgotten Cave Minecraft Custom MapsDo you guys know what is Minecraft custom maps? If you know already what is custom maps skip to next paragraph, but if you don’t I will tell you in brief. Minecraft custom maps is created by users or players, each maps had different story line, rules, and objective.

The forgotten cave is one of Minecraft custom adventure map that will test the skills and ability of Minecraft players. This is not too difficult, in facts it is very easy even for kids. You have to look for items, completing mazes and puzzles in the game.

The aims of The Forgotten Cave, you have to collect the gold as much as possible.

Thanks to ConnerDowson for this awesome map.

MadCow Version 2.0

Minecraft MadCow 2.0

Well, in Minecraft at night you probably go back in you safehouse that protected you from zombies, creepers, and spiders. Dylloop, the developer of MadCow mods thought that only three isn’t enough. So, he added the Mad Cow spawn at night and ready to attack you all the time.

How to Install MadCow For Windows

  1. Go to start menu (lower left corner), then go to “Run” and type in %appdata%
  2. Browse to .minecraft/bin
  3. Find minecraft.jar and open it up with WinRar or 7Zip (Right click and choose Open With..)
  4. Copy and Paste files in to the minecraft.jar
  5. Delete folder called “META-INF” in minecraft.jar
  6. Run Minecraft, and enjoy the cow!

How to Install MadCow For Windows

  1. Go to Applications > Utilities
  2. Open up the terminal app
  3. Type in (without quotes) “cd ~” Enter
  4. Type in (without quotes) “mkdir mctmp” Enter
  5. Type in (without quotes) “jar xf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar” Enter
  6. In Finder, copy all the files and folders into mctmp directory that you have created in by Terminal command.
  7. Back to Terminall app, type in “rm META-INF/MOJANG_C.*”
  8. Then type “jar uf ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar”
  9. And ./ cd .. rm -rf mctmp
  10. Run Minecraft, and run!

Minecraft 1.5 Beta is Coming Next Week be Prepared

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy882ILYJMM’]

Hi, first I would like to welcome all of you to our new site. MinecraftDL, which stands for MineCraft Download(s), we will try our best to update every custom maps, skins, textures, mods, and everything that needs to do with Minecraft and you have to download it.

Well, I think most of you already know what is Minecraft, if you don’t know what is it I suggest you go to Minecraft.net for more information. So, I will go straight into a new version of Minecraft, which is version 1.5 Beta that will be release to public next week.

The major changes in this version are surrounding environment effects and game systems. Let’s talk about the first one, the environment effects will be added rain and snow. Sounds pretty cools isn’t?. For the Game System is added Achievements for players to see their progress in the game something similar to quest in RPG games. Statistics in Minecraft 1.5 Beta will shows everything that you have done in Minecraft like a distance you walked, total time played, etc.

So, be prepared for Minecraft 1.5 Beta with its new features next week!

@20/4/2011 – 3:57 PM

Minecraft 1.5 Download

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