Pedo Bear Skin

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Pedo Bear Skin

You might have been familiar with a bear walking on 2 legs while giving a warm smile, resembling a naked Paddington bear with a Grateful Dead neck fringe. His name is Pedobear. He is a cartoon mascot that became a well-known famous Japanese meme and is known in Japan as “Kuma” (bear) through its usage on 4chan to signal moderators and other users that illegal pornographic content had been posted. Due to the widespread use, Pedobear has been often misinterpreted as a symbol of pedophilia, a guy who hunts down children and rapes them.Pedo Bear Skin

No grief here. Pedobear must be used for entertainment only, now in Minecraft. Callofducky from has created the best Pedobear skin with the symbolic smiley face and the big black eyes just like the original Pedobear. It’s time to meet the Internet’s Favorite Pervert. Again, use for pure intention of entertainment only.

How to Install Pedo Bear Skin

  1. First, Download Pedo Bear Skin
  2. Go to
  3. Click profile,and browse your Pedo Bear Skin
  4. Click upload image
  5. Enjoy your Pedo Bear Skin :)
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